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Happy 25th Birthday Josephine Langford!
postado por: Equipe JLON 17.08.22

Para a comemoração da chegada dos 25 anos de Josephine Langford, nós pedimos para que os fãs mandassem mensagens especiais e que refletissem tudo o que sentem e admiram nela. — Desejamos, tanto para a Jo quanto para vocês, que este dia seja muito feliz, repleto de surpresas encantadoras e que possamos mostrá-la o quanto a amamos. Tenha uma ótima leitura; rodeie-se de sensações positivas e divirta-se!

To celebrate the arrival of Josephine Langford’s 25th birthday, we asked fans to send special messages that reflect everything they feel and admire about her. — We wish for Jo and you, that this day is happy, full of lovely surprises and that she can see how much she is loved. Have a great read; surround yourself with positive energies and have fun! 🤍

Fans from different cities joined us and showed, wholeheartedly,
how much Josephine is loved and admired by everyone:

Happy birthday, Jo! Through this text, i come to congratulate you for another year of life and thank you for being such a lovely person! I admire your authenticity and dedication in all your jobs… and your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world! love you <3 — @langbeauregard.

There’s a lot other things i’d like to say to u and i really hope i’d be able to say all of them one day… but let’s start with how i admire u for being immensely talented, impressive, caring and considerate to all around u are. everthing that you’re and you do only makes me feel more proud and grateful for keep supporting u. wish you’d always be surrounded by much love and happiness, and all the recognition for your great talent, which only succeeds for now on! happy 25th bday to my aussie golden girl with the brightest smile, ILYSM. — @haizlangfrd.

Happy birthday my love! thank you for being such a wonderful and amazing person. I’m very proud of you, everything you’ve achieved and will still win! I love your authenticity and your way of being. love you from here to infinity! — @hxtlangford.

My beloved Josephine, you don’t even suspect, but every time I see something related to you, the emptiness of my heart fills with love. Your work, talent and dedication inspire me every day. I will always be at the front of the line, I will be the first person to defend and also to praise everything you do. That’s how I feel good. Happy birthday to my example. I love you with all my heart. — @breathelangford.

Happy bday Jo, a happy life for you my beautiful! May the world be kind to you, and always filled with good things because you deserve all the most amazing! I know how to admire its simplicity so much. you are giant. you are inspiration. fly a lot Jo, I love you infinite! — @natty_lopesp.

Happy birthday Jo! I wish with all my heart good things for your life. You are a wonderful person, I want to see you grow more and more in what you want. I admire you, your way of thinking, your maturity and if there’s one thing I love about you, it’s your smile, seeing you happy makes me happy. I love you Jo! — @saturnft.

Happy Birthday! One of the things I admire most about you is your good mood and the sound of your laughter, you have no idea how much this sound has made me stronger this year, I have TAG (generalized anxiety disorder), I saw myself at my worst moment, where I found myself at the bottom of the well… I didn’t see any meaning in life anymore, it was my darkest days of life, but in those days I sought refuge in your work, I spent days watching your interviews and the sound your laugh somehow made me feel stronger and see a light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway jo, you are light in people’s lives, I admire your work with all my heart and I’m happier when I met you, I never get tired of praising you, your simplicity, your delicate and shy way of being… I love you and admire you with all my heart, thank you for existing, you are sorely needed! — @Herophine_yas.

Josephine, words are too small to describe all my love and admiration I have for you, and the simple fact of being the person you are, cheerful, sweet, kind, funny, is my inspiration. “I love you right up to the moon – and back.” Happy Birthday love. — @hessainfinito.

Happy birthday my little blonde, you mean a lot to me and loving you was the most incredible and profound thing I was ever going to feel. May your day be full of good things much peace and success, I love you. — @Afterforever11.

Hey Jo, first of all i hope you have a wonderful birthday. Nothing in this world will ever be able to express my respect and love for you! You have the most perfect smile that can light up the whole world! Happy bday blondie i love you <3 — @bbylqngford.

Happy birthday to my favorite girl!!The most talented and beautiful woman in the whole world, thank you for making my life much better, thank you for everything. I hope your day is amazing! Josephine Langford, I’m so proud of you in every possible way. I admire your strength, for fighting for your dreams, your gigantic heart and your sincerity! You’re light, Jo. I just love everything about you! I love you. — @emyfsil.

happy birthday baby!! you deserve all the happiness that exists, I admire your dedication and determination, you are an amazing woman, I love you so much. — @favsft.

Congratulations on your birthday, my love. I love you with all my heart. thank you for doing me so well. You are the most beautiful, caring, thoughtful, playful person I’ve ever seen. you deserve a lot of love and a lot of happiness. you have a very special place in my heart. I love you very very much. I love your smile, your laugh, your way. — @steiinhunt.

Jo, happy birthday! You transmit happiness wherever you go, you are an outgoing, humble and charming person, who exhales other women around the world with your objective words. I hope your day is very special and that you remember that you are loved by many other people even if you don’t know all of them, much success in your career and may you fulfill all your dreams. I love you beautiful. — @Josephinelangf.

Happy bday, my princess! What I admire most about u is your maturity, how sweet and kind you are to everyone, and your passion in everything you do. I hope u know how important and loved you are. I love you today, I love you tomorrow I love you forever, my Jo!!! — @langfordevils.

I admire you a lot, you inspire many girls around the world with your words. I hope you have a great birthday, that in your new phase you have success in your career, that you realize all your dreams and be always this intelligent woman.
happy birthday, I love you. — @jolanwford.

Jo, you are the sweetest and most amazing person in the world, I love you for a thousand reasons, but the main thing is because you are simply you. Happy birthday, sweet. — @stylessccp.

The happiest of birthdays, my Jo! I love you from here to the whole universe, I love watching you growww. I admire your strength, for fighting for your dreams, u inspire me sm. — @mshagrayson.

Happy bday to my angel! What I love most about you, besides your maturity, is your gentle way of living life and respect for others! Never forget how amazing and important you are and make this world, which goes from bad to worse, good just by having you here. Ich liebe dich! — @razatgoddess.

Happy Birthday Josephine, 08/18/1997 is an immensely special date, with joy at all times, because I adore you, because I’m your fan! Know that near or far, now or in many years to come, I will continue to root for your success at every level! I have a greater admiration than all oceans for you. Enjoy your day with a big smile on your face and always be happy. Ass: Wilaa — @wilaapenaft.